Sunday, July 27, 2008

Web Mastering - Ch 3-6

WOW! That's how this blog must begin. The process of creating a web page is really cool. I just wish I had endless hours to play with it and get to know the software better. Maybe someday soon! There are so many little things that are involved in creating a good page that you never even think of. Here are some specific examples from each chapter that made me think:
Ch. 3
Indent - who thought a simple move away from the edge would be that noticeable?
Background colors - Once I finally found the command to do this, I tried several different backgrounds before I settled on one.
Links - I learned that it is VERY important to know what kind of link you are trying to create.
Layers - They can really make your project interesting.
Ch. 4
Absolutely the most important thing is being organized and naming things correctly. Folders are important for placing your files and images in and not changing the names or your links will not work.
Ch. 5
The difference between print and web was very interesting. The concepts seem to be the opposite of what you think. However, if you actually think about it, it makes sense.
Ch. 6
I never thought that alignment could make such a big difference. I do, however, disagree with one of the examples in the book - pg. 115. I prefer the look of the top page rather than the bottom. To me, that one looks more appealing. This entire chapter is a prime example of how things we think are trivial when just reading about them really have quite an impact on the page when you look at good/bad examples. Repetition, contrast, paragraph vs. break; all of these, when used correctly, make your page look so much more professional.

I have never thought that much about how web pages are made. I have just taken the process for granted. The basic process, when using the Dreamweaver software, that is, is not as complicated as I originally thought it might be. The most frustrating thing is that I am not familiar with the commands and the package as whole. In time, as well as with lots of trial and error, I just might be able to build a nice web page that at least my friends and family will enjoy!

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