Monday, July 21, 2008

November Learning

Unfortunately I was unable to watch the entire video presentation of Alan November's. However, what I was able to get through, was very exciting. This was due to computer difficulties, not lack of interest in the speaker or the subject! I so want to be able to watch and listen to it in it's entirety because he has so very many wonderful ideas. It was not a shock that the answers to the questions near the beginning of the presentation were what they were. Sometimes we do feel as though our hands are tied and we cannot do some of the things we want to do or teach our children things they need to know because of restraints our school districts have placed on the Internet. His presentation was enlightening as well as disheartening. Our children have so much opportunity yet they are still far behind some other students with far less than they have.

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I, too, want you to be able to watch Alan's presentationi more than once. I learn something new every time I listen and watch it.