Friday, April 3, 2009

Business Card

After spending HOURS downloading the InDesign program (oh how I wish for DSL service in ALL of Buna), reading through the instructions and trying to maneuver my way through the instructions, I opted to go to Word and create my business card. It took me just a little while and I made changes, played with background colors, etc. I am much more familiar and so much less frustratable when using Word. Although some of these things were new to me within Word, I still felt so much more inside my comfort zone than working with InDesign. I think it is probably an awesome program - IF you have time to learn how to manipulate it and get familiar with it before creating something. I think I 'freaked' myself out over this one because the last assignment seemed so difficult. This course is definitely expanding my mind! I sent the copy of my business card to my classmates and professor Friday night after posting my blog the first time without a picture of my project. After realizing that the Word document I was sending might not show the same fonts I used, I took a screen shot using Jing and uploaded it that way. Thanks for Jing! I sent this out again to all and was then able to put my business card here in my blog.