Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tech.Coor. Chap. 6 Budget and Planning

It was interesting to get the 'take' on the Tech. Coor.'s responsibilities. I feel that my district employs the concept that 'simply placing (minimal) technology tools in the classroom leads to exciting results and improved student learning' as stated on pg. 125. I have one desktop computer that I am the primary user of because it has access to my grade book and student records. I have one laptop that I let students use and they primarily use it to take Accelerated Reader tests on. I also use it in class as tool such that we 'journaled' science notes during class. When we were doing class research, students took turns using it as well as my desktop in a pinch to find out information about their topic. I have a projector and document camera in order to project images on the wall. That is the limit of the technology that has been assigned to me in my classroom. I also feel that my district lacks not only valuable but ongoing staff development. I am sure the service center offers some technology courses but when you teach a grade that has TAKS, you cannot afford too many days away from your students. The days you can afford are usually for training in your subject area. I am not sure if this is just lack of insight on the administrations part or lack of funds. There may also be a lack of interest in different types of technology. There are many very experienced teachers that just have not jumped on the technology train yet. I think I will plan on trying to find out what the technology budget at my district and my school looks like in the very near future.

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