Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Ok. I think I accomplished at least 2 of the 3 mediums - web and print. Will revisit the video medium after posting. I created a logo for Casey's baseball team. Their team name is the Storm. The SJCLL stands for South Jasper County Little League which is the league here in Buna. The Storm is a pre-T-Ball team. I chose a lightning bolt because it reminds me of a storm and looked better than the tornado I also looked at. It is black because that is what their color is. I chose blue for the SJCLL because Buna's go-to color is 'Buna Blue' - we all have to bleed that around chose orange for the "Storm" because it was the opposite on the color wheel from blue. I did some twisting of the font in the word storm to make it look like a storm. Well, at least that was what I was going for anyway.

I feel that I probably did learn from this assignment although I will have to give my brain time to unwind from ALL the information I read and trying to put Photoshop CS4 instructions into my Photoshop Elements program. After HOURS of working on this (thank goodness I am on spring break and could devote the time), trying to download Photoshop CS4 (still downloading, by the way since about 6pm) I finally tried again with my program. I pulled out my Adobe for Dummies book I bought last summer to help with web design to find out more info. on layers which were giving me fits. FINALLY it all seemed to come together.

According to the rubric, I would give my self meets expectations on most everything and a few exceeds. Quite honestly, I am glad this is over. I really hope the rest of the assignments are not as difficult as this one has been for me.

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Crystal Werkheiser said...

I like the lightning bolt too. I also like the font you used on the word storm. It looks like your definitely met and exceeded expectations. I feel left out so I am going to put my logo on my blog too. :-)