Sunday, March 8, 2009

Instructional Design -

The link above is a link to one of the articles for this assignment. The first article, found at, gives several 'definitions' of the term Instructional Design. I found these 'meanings' to be interesting in that this is not a term associated only within education but reaches every where something may be 'learned'. An Instructional Designer is probably someone who is employed with a corporation that offers on the job training. It is also a term used by those who create textbooks and a myriad of others. There are quite a few ID models that are used by various groups. Not unlike other models that are used. Some people like one more than another or use a variety of the models or just stick with one. One of the textbooks I have used in my classroom uses an instructional model that I am reminded of by ADDIE.

The role the Instructional Designer plays in integrating technology with learning is a very important. The ever changing world of technology as well as education must come together in order for students to achieve the success needed in the world as we see it today and most definitely in the future.

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