Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why ID? The Benefits of Instructional Design Models

I think that as teachers, we may understand Instructional Design better than some. We already follow a design (as mentioned in the article) for instruction by using our curriculum, goals, objectives, etc. in our lesson planning. In one of the textbooks I have used, there is the 5E model of instruction. This is a prime example of a model that can be followed and implemented in most every subject. I agree with the article that Instructional Design is not a step by step process necessarily. There are steps that must be repeated along the way sometimes and as teachers we often have to revisit certain objectives before our students master them. We also evaluate along the way, sometimes after each step. I agree with the article in the conclusion that ID models can aid individuals as well as teams when designing any type of instruction. The team/individual just needs to find a model that works well with the material they are teaching or using.

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