Monday, February 2, 2009

EDLD 5368 (Instructional Design) November Learning Assignment

I learn something new every time I visit I did score better on the Information Literacy Quiz than last time. I am 'moderately savvy'. The information about reading a website is also very useful. If you know a handful of extensions, sometimes you can narrow down a search or find a more valid result to your search.

I used my school's domain name to examine the remainder of the topics. I went to and typed in to find the publisher of our district web site and it also gives a good deal of additional information that might one day prove to be useful or for other sites even. At, I also used and found that our first website was built in 2001. It shows a 10 year history of the web address, how many pages were added and the dates they were added. You can also click on them and view them. It is really neat to see how much it is different (or maybe the same). is the site to visit to see how many other sites are linked to your web site and who they are. You can also visit these sites to see where your site is mentioned.

I think a combination of these with a few web addresses to visit would make for an interesting scavenger hunt for elementary and maybe even junior high or high school students. You could preview the sites and ask for them to go specific places and answer questions. It would also teach the students about valuable searching.

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