Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Technology Standards - Working in Problem Solving

My 3rd Blog on Technology Standards is about creating PowerPoint presentations. I found a very kid-friendly website, This website is interactive and gives very good instructions on not only creating a basic power point presentation but instructions on how to ‘tweak.’ It shows how to add sound, motion, charts and images. It gives pointers for timing and rehearsing and tells how to save the document and be able to take it somewhere. This site is very informative and quizzes the viewers as they maneuver through the steps. I think this is an excellent website to show students how to build and polish a presentation but also shows different options for publishing it.

Another site that would be useful in adding additional graphics and other options to your power point presentation is This site has an abundance of free templates and other things to use to add variety to presentations.

Microsoft Office Online also has a great deal of valuable information. They have templates, help and how- to, downloads, examples and tons of other information for all of the Microsoft Office products.

I am positive there are many more sites available to help with presentations but the websites I stated above really stood out to me. If I have the opportunity, I will definitely use them in my classes with my students in order to help them create a power point presentation.

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