Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Strategies for Integrating Technology into Teaching - Response

I agree with so much of this section! I believe it is imperative that teachers have the required training in order to integrate technology into their lessons. I think that some districts fall short at this. They have purchased many different software programs and technology items but do not give teachers enough training or support after training to make them feel comfortable using the technology with their students. On a personal level, I have experienced this. There are some programs that I would love to use, but because I do not have enough 'free' time to 'play' with them in order to familiarize myself, I choose not to use them with my students because I don't think I would be doing the program or my students justice by muddling through. My plan for this summer is to MAKE some time to become familiar with several different technology tools so that I can start using them at the beginning of the next school year. I think technology is so valuable to teachers as well as students. It is my responsibility as a teacher to integrate technology into my lessons as much as possible. It can only benefit not only my students but myself as well.

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