Thursday, November 6, 2008

Video Review & Critique - EDLD 5363 - Assignment 6

I watched several videos from this site. They were all very good. I can see why they had so many runner-ups! The three I chose to 'critique' are below. My suggestion is to watch these videos for yourself and see what you think. I am just amazed at what students can do when they have the tools necessary for success at their disposal!
Make Me a Digital Learner
I enjoyed this video. It did a great compare/contrast of learning with and without technology. The video was created with text, images, and music. Students and teachers created an impressionable work that accomplished the goal that was set forth.
21st Century Tools
This video is very appropriate for elementary students. It is cute, warm and funny. It presents the message that students want and yearn for more technology in the classroom!
Your Future…..Fearful or Hopeful
This video has an interesting theme and is also unique in the way the students portray their fears and hopes. When they are talking about the things that they are fearful of, (not knowing enough technology for the future) they talk about their ideas at a table and the film is in color. They show examples of what they said they were fearful of, it is in black and white. They show the hopeful/positive things having to do with learning technology and their future in color. I liked the way they used text as well as video with audio. They also had appropriate music. Overall I would say this is a good video.